R is for… Rescued from Ruination!

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The R Challenge was raring to go. As soon as I drew an R, I knew I wanted to go to Ricketts Point. This thing has been lined up since February! We had our masks and snorkels packed, and a car boot filled with beach towels. We were looking forward to some light-hearted fun in the sun at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.

If you haven’t been, Ricketts Point is a lovely place to go for a snorkel. It’s very accessible to Melbourne and on a surprisingly beautiful part of the coast. I can definitely recommend it if you’re into water-based activities. I checked the forecast 5 days out from our Sunday Snorkel (I know it’s not an R, but now I’ve started the alliteration it’s fun to keep it going) and it looked like perfect snorkelling weather. I even sent an email around to the whole Adventure Gang (or just those currently based in Melbourne) saying as much!

But wherever we live in the world (except for maybe the tropics) we lament the changeable weather. Melbourne even has its own song about it – Four seasons in one day. The gale that was supposed to come through on Friday and then die off by Sunday didn’t really happen, though we did get enough wind and rain through the week to mess up the visibility. Instead, the forecast changed to pretty windy all weekend for Beaumaris.

(Over)dramatisation of the events

Wind + snorkelling typically isn’t the most fun, with swell and flooded snorkels generally dampening the good vibes. As I wanted everyone to enjoy their Sunday, I pulled the pin on Ricketts Point. It was disappointing. I know there is a small contingent of water babies in the Adventure Gang, and I will definitely try and organise some replacement snorkels this Summer.

But, I hear you asking, what about the R Challenge? There is a blog about it, so it must have happened … If you’re asking this, then you’re right (and keeping in the R theme). Luckily my optional evening post-snorkel side-venture did double duty of being non-weather dependant and pre-arranged, and it became the main event. So the Adventure Gang made their way into the wilds of Melbourne’s inner-north, to The Workers Club in Fitzroy. We went to enjoy Ruby Gill. Some of us had recently been at a festival where we saw Ruby, and decided to track her down.

Ruby Gill prior to the R-Challenge, at Happy Wanderer Festival

I described her as radiant and raw when enticing people to come along, but this wasn’t for the sake of keeping in the r-theme. Here’s a taster of Ruby’s music. And for those also interested in tracking Ruby down, here is a gig guide.
Ruby released a new single she’s recorded – Your Mum.

Ruby Gill

Supporting Ruby Gill was David Western & his Band, Zoe Fox, sans Rocket Clocks. And some, uh, interesting floor fillers from the DJ. It was a great night had by all. After a less than auspicious start to the R- Challenge, we all had some Sunday fun, and replacement snorkel trips to Rickett’s Point are on the horizon!