We are The Adventure Gang, a group of city folk who mostly live (or lived) in Melbourne, Australia. We like to get out and about whenever we can. We met through different hiking trips, cycling adventures, music festivals and other fun (mostly outdoor) activities, and tend to have a pretty good time while we are at it. The group is forever growing and welcoming to new members!


How did it start?

The Adventure Gang all started with a conversation over dinner between a group of friends, known for going on adventures and getting out into the Australian bush. The self-proclaimed ‘Adventure Gang’. Jon, one of the members of “Team Steamroller” had decided that going on adventures was no longer enough… we needed a challenge. He set the challenge for 2014: to complete the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) between us, through a series of hikes to complete each of the sections. Theoretically it didn’t sound that crazy. There were reportedly 16 ‘manageable segments’ that could be completed over weekends or slightly extended weekends. And so the challenge was set, and many more have continued.

cycle 3