B is for Barefoot Bowls

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Written by Louise.

So my original plan for the B challenge fell through due to a strange and widespread lack of accommodation options in the High Country of Victoria, so I had to fall back on an easier option.  At the back of my head I had thought of Barefoot bowling, and when Jon suggested it, I figured it was a goer.

I personally had had only one go at bowls before, and not an entirely successful one either, and as it turns out, the challenge provided many of us with our first real experience of rolling those crazy weighted balls towards the elusive “Jack”.

I am blessed to have a very friendly and cheap bowls club around the corner for our house in fantastic Footscray, the aptly named Footscray Bowls Club, who provided us with a couple of free “rinks”, frosty cold beers (the sun was in full force on this particular Sunday afternoon), and some free advice – the more you drink, the better you’ll bowl.  Now I think this advice was purely to get us to drink more, as I can assure you, the bowling did not improve as the beer was consumed!  Jens questioned his logic, only to be told we simple hadn’t drunk enough.  Seems legit.


Anyway, our rag-tag teams assembled haphazardly and we commenced to give this gentle, and surprisingly difficult sport, a red-hot go.

Well, we started off doing much better at getting close to the jack on our adjacent rinks than we did at getting anywhere near our own!  The green was less than silky smooth, which provided an extra challenge to bowl in a predictable manner!  But we don’t call it a challenge for nothing.  After a few rounds we were sort of getting the hang of it, some definitely more than others, with Jens and Jim proving to be the most consistent.

Luckily we had very quickly abandoned the idea of keeping any sort of score, so we were all winners in the end.  We even helped out the club’s social media team by posing for a few glamour/action shots to promote the club.

Social media stars.

When we had had enough, we headed back to our house for a BBQ dinner and a few beers.  The homebrew was poured and the food brought out, and we enjoyed the warm November evening on the balcony.  Late in the evening, we even had an appearance from Bill (one of our cats)!

Many thanks to all that came along, we must do it again sometime! (I may sneak in some practice in the meantime!)