A is for Archery

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Written by Adam.

A was for Archery and what a bunch of merry men (and women) there were who went to Moorabbin Archery on what could possibly be one of the coldest winter days.

When we arrived the diverse group of 30+ noobs ready to learn Archery was quite surprising and impressive. For anyone who couldn’t attend and would like to, we all left with a desire to return due to the warm welcome, highly organised, and impressively knowledgeable / approachable staff who seemed to always be available to support throughout the double session. With Tea and snacks from the tuck shop at half time the only item left was to cut the wheat from the chaff and to record our best scores in head to head duels.

And the winner was ……  Archery

The crew (missing the photographer Shan)

Simon showing us all how it’s done:

Simon in the moment.