J is for Jens’ snorkelling adventure at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

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Written by Caroline.

This adventure took place on 15 December 2018. After much argument, Jens managed to find a J activity that didn’t just involve his own name (that was one of the rules). He tried, in vain, to have Jens’ fishing trip, but as it was against the rules, he eventually settled on snorkelling at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary in Williamstown.

Jens and Simon and their actual jaw bones

To our delight, the trip also included a few other things involving a J – and yes, one of them was Jens himself! A few other J’s involved:

  • Jens
  • Jon
  • Jawbone
  • the snorkel is J-shaped
  • scones with jam and cream
  • jellybeans.

We parked at the end of Rifle Range Road. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t looking too flash when we arrived, but we got in for some snorkelling anyway.

Undeterred by the weather, we went for it anyway.

Luckily, the sun came out later!

Scones with jam and cream AND a jelly baby!

To finish up this delightful afternoon, we went for a walk to explore the nearby salt marsh.