Vienna (Austria ) to Poprad (Slovakia)

Day 54 Vienna (Austria) to Poprad Tetray (Slovakia) 

We woke up reasonably early today, hoping to make the most of the excellent weather which was forecast, (slight tail wind and mostly sunny). 

Luckily for us finding the Eurovelo 6 bike route to Bratislava was easy, especially as our campsite was located near the river, we only had to cross one road. 

From there onwards the path was well sign posted and sealed, with the occasional light gravel . Only 2 kilometres in, we bumped into two other cyclists on a tandem, who were also riding to Bratislava. 

They were very excited to meet us, especially when they heard we were from Australia and snapped a few photos of us and got our email and blog addresses. They wished us well and headed off. 

The 60 kilometre Eurovelo 6 route is meant to follow the Dunube river, which technically it does, but we actually didn’t see much of the river at all due to the trees…only for the first 5 kilometres and the last 10 kilometres. We made great progress (bar the one wrong turn, which meant we had to carry our bikes up some steep steps). 

The route went through Danau national park, crossing large grassy plains and several bridges. Before we knew it, we were only 11 kilometres away from Bratislava and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. We stopped briefly to snap a photo of an old town archway, then headed off. 

Approaching the city, we could see that a grand looking castle overlooked the centre and to contrast this, on the west side, there were huge highrises. 

We said our goodbyes to Austria  and crossed a large bridge over the Danube, which forms the border, into Slovakia . We needed to call home, work out train times and eat lunch, so we headed to the nearest river cafe with good wifi, had a few cold drinks, then ate lunch next to the river on a park bench. 

After working a few things out, calling home, and eating, we headed to the train station to catch the 3.55pm train to Poprad (4 hours away in North East Slovakia). We had read about the High Tatra mountains in the lonely planet and wanted to do some hiking. As per recommendations from the lonely planet, we headed to Poprad to bag a few of the highest peaks in Slovakia on an overnight hike.