U is for Ultimate Frisbee

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Back in February when this activity was pencilled in for Melbourne Cup day, I envisaged a glorious sunny day enjoying Ultimate Frisbee in the park followed by a leisurely picnic and a few drinks enjoying the late spring weather. as it happened, Melbourne Cup day was the wettest day of the year.

Early that morning I optimistically texted fellow Adventure Gang members that Ultimate Frisbee was still on, although I suspected the only “U“ activities we would be seeing today would involve Umbrellas and be Underwater. I met Jim & Louise a short while later at Footscray station as the rain poured and it continued to do so until we arrived at Upwey train station an hour later. We dashed the short distance to the Upwey bakery where Caroline, Vanessa, Kat and Jens had been sheltering against the elements.

One cup of coffee/hot chocolate later we hatched a plan to drive a short distance to Belgrave and hole out in the Bell Tavern until the rain stopped. This plan worked well until we realised that their menu was rubbish, and instead ran across the road to Benson’s cafe where we ate a delicious lunch. “That’s all very well” I hear you say “but what about the Ultimate Frisbeeing?”. By around 1pm there were signs that the rain was easing. Ever the optimists and boyed by the hearty lunch, we decided to go for it and drove towards Upwey Recreation Reserve, where the games were due to be held.

Pulling in to the reserve, the strangest thing happened. The rain stopped. Not only this but the oval on which we would be playing was remarkably dry, whilst everywhere around is was seemingly waterlogged (obviously an excellent drainage system and plenty of sand on that pitch). After a quick explanation of the rules and some haphazard team selection we kicked-off (should that be threw off?). Remarkably, the skies turned from grey to blue and the sun shone. Very soon, multiple layers we being disgarded as the Ultimate athletes dashed around enthusiastically for 45 minutes.

By that stage, most of the 6 participants were decidedly hot and sweaty and declared that Ultimate Frisbee would be a game of 3 thirds (much like Ice Hockey as Jens observed) rather than 4 quarters and that the final score was significantly less relevant than the enjoyable time we had all had in sampling this exiting new activity.

We then had just about enough time to stop and pose for a group photo before the skies darkened.

Immediately we got back into the cars and headed for home the heavens opened once more and the rain continued for the rest of the day. Quite a result we think.