Surf Coast Walk

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(Otherwise known as Jens and Caroline’s honeymoon hike!)

28-29 November, 2016.

Written by Caroline.

See Surf Coast Walk website and map of the Surf Coast Walk.

Day 1 – Fairhaven to Anglesea

Things started off well with 10 of us in Fairhaven. Unfortunately, we were soon down to 9 due to illness.

The day was beautiful and we were feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves on what seemed, so far, to be one of the world’s easiest hikes, from a terrain perspective and a navigation perspective.

However, before long we found ourselves very lost and then on difficult terrain, and feeling decidedly less cocky!

Fun with rock scrambling and tides

Particularly the time Julia attempted to scale a fairly steep and slippery rock face, started to fall and Vanessa called out for Jon to save her, which he did not, as he would have put them both in more danger. Thankfully they both made it back down, and we realised we had in fact missed a turn off and weren’t supposed to be walking on the beach at all. We backtracked a fairly decent distance and then found ourselves on a clifftop trail instead of the beach which definitely wasn’t a trail.

A relief to be back on the trail.

Lunch was well deserved.

We finished Day 1 at a café in Anglesea with some of Caroline’s US family.


Day 2 – Anglesea to Point Impossible

Caroline and Emi got up bright and early and started from the opposite end of the trail, at Point Impossible, and walked towards Anglesea. They were soon met by Julia, Simon, Alison and Jake & Lorelei with one-month-old Shirley. After some delicious cakes at a café we were back on the trail again.

We were once again lucky enough to have glorious weather.

It’s a pretty gorgeous coast line and I’d highly recommend this walk, but unfortunately I can’t remember much about it since I am writing this blog about one and a half years late!