S is for Sensational Sintra in September!

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Written by Tessa

S Challenge Begins

On the Seventh of September, Jens, Caroline, Mareike and Tessa Set off to Sintra, a beautiful city in Portugal, for an alphabet challenge adventure! Our adventure began at the Seteais Palace and we planned to walk along a Secluded Hiking Trail, but on the way we Stumbled upon a Sensational Sintra Sight: the Quinta da Regaleira! So first we took a detour to Saunter around this Stunning world heritage site palace and gardens, featuring Stunning Stone Scenery and an abundance of Spiral Staircases…


Tessa and Caroline Stuck in a Scary Stone hole.


Silly Shenanigans
Jens, Mareike, Tessa and Caroline Standing by the Spiral Staircase towers.


Superb Strolling

After Stopping for a Spot of Super Portuguese coffee (& some Scrumptious portuguese tarts ‘pasteis de nata’) we Started Strolling on the hiking trail which leads from the Seteais Palace to Sintra: a Steep upwards Slope which climbs up past the impressive Moors Castle.

View of the Castel de Mouros from below
Sexy Strolling on the hiking trail into Sintra


Seasonal Supper-ing

After our walk we were in need of some Sustenance so we Sat down at a Super tapas bar and enjoyed Sampling the Sensational Savoury selection: (including Soup, Salted vegetables, Stuffed mushrooms, Sparkling wine, and Steak Sandwich. This was followed by a bit more wandering around the city of Sintra. Unfortunately Caroline’s Shopping mission for Sunglasses was not Successful on account of the Scant choices – but with all the colourful portuguese craft/painting/architecture around, it was impossible to be Surly while the Sun Shone on us into the afternoon and early evening.

Superb crafts in Sintra city


A Super time was had by all. S challenge SUCCESS!