Prague (Czech Republic)

Day 39 – Prague (Czech)

We decided to take a rest day discovering some of the delights of Prague. We awoke in the penthouse apartment loaned to us by Katka’s friend Pavel and ate breakfast on the sunny balcony, then did the grocery shopping for the next 3 days cycling, before heading by metro to the city centre and tourist info, where we bagged some pretty good cycling maps for the Czech Republic. 

From there we toured the historic centre of Prague, including the incredible but extremely busy Charles bridge, the John Lenin wall, one or two impressive looking bars with in-house breweries and cellars, and we then scaled the steps towards the city castle.

After looking around the castle grounds for a while, we opted to exit via the castle’s old moat, which now houses 2 steep-sided wooded valleys and a tunnel connecting the two. Unfortunately the direct route out was blocked by security guards so we had to climb the opposite side of the valley to exit.

Having had our share of culture for one day, we headed back ‘home’ and cooked and ate a delicious meal (plus enough to store for the following day’s dinner), then headed back into town to meet Kamila, who took us for a drink or two in a popular spot for locals, overlooking the city and near to the famous astronomical clock. Unfortunately all the tourists had also discovered the same spot and it was packed. Never mind, we enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours chatting and drinking before heading back ‘home’ for a good night’s kip.