Lorne to Apollo Bay (ish)

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Written by Lucie

Disclaimer: this is not going to be an interesting post – there’s not much to say, just something to show that we did a bit more challenge!

The Great Ocean Walk started at Apollo Bay and the Surf Coast Walk will be starting at Fairhaven, leaving us with about 60km of coastline uncovered.

15th May was the Great Ocean Road Marathon, going from Lorne to Apollo Bay and so we hit the road to do this filler section.

Kennett River to Apollo Bay: running

Mark and Caroline did the 14km run from Apollo Bay on the Saturday. Unfortunately this turned out to be an inland there-and-back so didn’t tick off any of our coastline kilometres, although whilst they were running the remaining team did do a bit of beach wandering.

Then, on Sunday, Jon, Vanessa and Katka ran the half marathon (and a bit) from Kennett River to Apollo Bay.

Wye River to Lorne: cycling

Whilst the half marathon team were on the road travelling west, Lucie and Caroline were up at sunrise to cycle along the Great Ocean Road from Wye River to just outside of Lorne and then return just in front of the full marathon.

Because of the various marathon-imposed restrictions around Lorne and Kennett River we weren’t able to cycle the last little bit into Lorne, or get all the way to Kennett River (as it was Lucie and Caroline were being a little bit cheeky cycling on the closed road), but the vast majority of this section was covered. There’s no coastal walking route in this little section for us to come back and do later and the Great Ocean Road is a bit too suicidal for us to want to ride when it’s populated with motorised traffic as well. So, we’re happy to call it done!

Here are some beautiful sunrise pictures we took.

Beautiful sunrise 1

Beautiful sunrise 2

Beautiful sunrise 3

Beautiful sunrise 4

Beautiful sunrise 5

Beautiful sunrise 6