Greece (Thassos Island)

Day 1 
We stayed in Skala Potamois (Golden beach). Which turned out to be an excellent choice. Beautiful long clean sandy beach with crystal clear water. We also had the added bonus of hardly anyone around as it was the end of season. 

Golden beach ?
We decided to explore by doing a 10km return hike (with flip flops, not advisable footwear for hiking usually!) to Marble beach walk, via Golden beach and a few small secluded beaches all to ourselves, heaven! The only issue was the abundance of wasps, they were everywhere, Jon unfortunately stood on one and got stung on the toe and swam into one and got stung in the eye, bummer! 

Walking trail to Marble beach
Marble beach ?

On our return to Golden Beach, we had a refreshing drink at a local bar on the ocean front and rested our weary feet. 

Day 2 

We hired a moped today to explore even more of the island. Our first stop was Paradise beach, then onto Alikis archeological site plus a Greek salad for lunch next to the beach. 

Alikis archeological site
Overlooking Thassos town
Paradise beach ?
Moped I ?
In the afternoon we swam in the naturally formed and stunning Golia rock pool, then headed inland to Theologos, however our bike broke down. We Thumbed for help. A lovely bee keeper helped by calling the bike company and, to cut a long story short, we got a new and more improved bike, then headed back up to Theologos and walked to an old bridge. 

Moped II ?
Theologos village bridge
Bee keeping good Samaritans
Golia rock pool

Day 3

We moved accomodation to Thassos port today, at around 10am, but when we arrived we realised we’d left our helmets, Jon then cycled back to get them only a mere 16km each way, with a climb of 350 metres in both directions…Vanessa went to the beach.

On Jon’s return we explored several local Beaches and generally relaxed. 

Thassos port

Day 4 

We took it easy today, woke up late, then hiked to an archeological site, with great views and ate lunch overlooking the town. On our return we swam in a small secluded beach near to our port. 


Day 5 

We cycled to Primos ferry terminal (16km) and caught the 12.15pm ferry to the town of Kavala on the mainland.

Summary: excellent location, great time of year to go (if you fancy a relaxing/peaceful time, that is) but we were lucky with the weather though and relatively inexpensive too. Plus hardly any dogs, the island seems to be run by cats, which pleased Vanessa, a lot. 

We would highly recommend Thassos! 

Footnote: unsure of the exact spelling of ‘Thassos’ as sometimes it is spelt with a double s and sometimes with a single s.