Fin del mundo (bikes assembled) – Ushuaia, Argentina 

Ok….we’ve arrived! It only took three flights, two bus transfers (to the wrong terminals) and 2 hours sleep in the last two days.

At Usuaia airport we panicked as we watched some baggage  handler chucking our bike boxes like sacks of potatoes (maybe the FRAGILE sign doesn’t translate in Spanish) and we noticed the bike boxes had holes in them. Luckily for us when unpacked all was intact. (It might have been the mountains of bubble wrap we put them in)

We found a sweet spot in the airport terminal to bike assemble. Four hours later due mostly to lack of sleep, food and water, the bikes were ready to go. We both have a new found respect for bike mechanics (derailleurs are a nightmare to fix back on!).

Now the fun begins….
Ready for the off
Having tested our bikes out in Ushuaia airport carpark and quickly noticing that we were on the wrong side of the road, we were ready head into town.

Heading into Ushuaia
After a quick food stop in Ushuaia town, we used our Mapme app (if you haven’t used this app before, it’s a must!) to cycle to our warmshowers host, who sent us a photo of his “house” with vague directions into the hills.

Warmshowers palace !!!!!
One hour later, after having been chased by numerous dogs and climbed multiple hills, we stopped to ask a friendly workman how much further to go? only to be told “Toma cuidate, no es un bieno barrio” (take care it’s not a good neighbourhood) and that we still had a good 40 minute uphill cycle to go on dirt tracks. We stopped to reassess our situation and bearing in mind that our host has no running water, food or a bed for us (only a spot on his lounge floor) and our lack of sleep, we decided to head for the nearest hostel instead.

Having parked up our bikes and taken our panniers inside, we both lay down on the bed to rest at 6pm and neither of us stirred for another 12 hours.

Vanessa and Jon