C is for Cycling, Crossing and Cinema

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Written by Alisdair.

Sunday 4 March.

C is for cycling, crossing, and cinema.

One Sunday afternoon a wonderful group of 12 of us went for bike ride. 12 is a good number because is the most efficient for groups, 1 x 12, 2 x 6, 3 x 4, 4 x 3, 6 x 2. I used to run courses and 12 was the magic number. The disciples knew that.

It was purely in our case by chance, not by design.

So 12 of us, that magic number met behind Transport bar, not for a vomit, as it was 2pm not 2am.

Ready for the C Challenge

Then we rode towards Como Crossing. A “double C” which also sounds like a euphemism for something quite abusive. At this stage I’ll tell you the truth, we were actually 11 until Erin met us at CC because she wasn’t riding but that would have stuffed up the pace of the story had it been aforementioned.

The ride on the Yarra is supposed to be one of those iconic Melbourne experiences, but it was actually a bumpy, disturbed detour around detours and bumps. Roadworks were evident, signage less so. Next time I advise you, not to bother, just swim it if you want a real adventure.

The boat across was only permitted to take 12 passengers at a time. What did I say about that magic number?

Crossing to Herring Island

So we do the crossing, the boat’s Captain explains how Herring Island was built as it wasn’t a natural formation. Due to flooding, another river was made and it made the birth of the island.

Upon arrival, none of us feeling an iota of self consciousness, 12 of us carry our panniers without bicycles around the island on a walk.

When we stumble upon our first sculpture we all question, “what’s this?”

A confusing sculpture

Questions in a similar vein continue. With about as much signage as the Yarra bike trail, we remain mystified and unsure about the sculptures we are looking at. It’s like a form of absurd comedy where the truth and humour seamlessly form a dialogue.

Claire, Caroline & a cone
12 friends, one log

There is a gallery on the island, this time with signs. I voted for the owl painting because they had such great character, and while I did that, my wife, Erin, also with such great character bought me a card of the owls, sneakily. So awesome.

Herring Island Gallery

**At Alisdair’s request, Caroline is adding this bit in… the winner has just been announced for the Public Vote for the exhibition. Artist: Suzanne Kaldor. Artwork: ‘The Swingers’ (sculpture) Congratulations to Suzanne, and to Yoshi, the winner of the public draw!**

Jens and Simon heading out of the gallery

We cross back to Como landingWe are ahead of time because the island is a lot smaller than anticipated. We got some coffees, chai and chocolate from a cafe called Kanteen. Why the hell, on the C challenge did the coffee cafe have to be misspelt with a K? I think that’s zrap. Why not substitute all the words we know with a random letter of the alphabet?

Next stop, Indian, not India. Too far on a bike on a Sunday. Indian dinner at the Spice Club. If the empty tables were anything to go by, the Spice Club needs more members.

Spice Club

A really full flavoured meal was had by all, with Jens insisting on a free wine for everybody. It worked too. Who would have known there was a happy hour when we were there? Officially it wasn’t supposed to be happy hour on the weekend but the staff were happy at that hour to comply, perhaps they’re looking to bolster numbers and off load some of those excess plastic Spice Club membership cards.

Como Cinema was the last stop for the remaining party-goers who went to see “Lady Bird.” A fun end to a fun day. I must say the best part of the day was the company.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible.