Bass Coast Rail Trail

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Written by Caroline.

I can’t remember too much about this rail trail since it was so long ago, so I’ll just give a brief rundown (completed 23 August, 2015). What I can remember is that I had been quite sick leading up to it, but as usual was determined to push on nonetheless (my usual case of FOMO). Anyway I’m glad I did because it was a beautiful day and the trail was quite pretty.

This is one of the few trails that can’t be accessed from either end by train, which meant we had to get two cars and two bike racks involved for the 8 of us (me, Jens, Julia & Emi in one car, Vanessa, Jon, Simon & Rick in the other). We met at Emi’s place to start the day with homemade healthy muffins, not bad!

I recall there was some confusion finding the start of the trail, but we got there eventually.

Start of the Bass Coast Rail Trail

This trail is surprisingly easy, very short, but also very pretty. At just 23km one way, it was the shortest trail in our challenge (as we decided to only cycle the trails over 20km to avoid driving hundreds of kilometres to cycle fewer than 20km). Since it was so easy (and predominantly flat) we reached the end quickly, so turned around to enjoy some time at Kilcunda Beach, with Emi even heading in for a quick swim (yup, it was August).

Photo by Simon
Enjoying Kilcunda Beach – Photo by Emi
Emi enjoying a quick dip at Kilcunda beach
Emi & Julia letting their hair down


Trip summary

Bass Coast Rail Trail
Total Ascending: 82m
Total Descending: 78m
Total Distance: 23km