Puerto Natales to Cerro Castillo (Chile)

This section of our ride had some of the most spectacular views yet (bar Antarctica of course, which is in a league of it’s own).

We caught a bus early from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and rode towards the lake for a nice scenic lunch spot before commencing our ride. The views were incredible! We were both blown away. We ate lunch and enjoyed watching swans and basking in the sunshine.

imageVanessa suggested it would be a good idea to ask at the information office, (which happened to be near us on the lake side), if we could buy bus tickets to Torres del Paines national park (we planned to hike there the following day) in Cerro Castillo. Lucky we did, as we were told that no tickets are sold there and that we would need to buy tickets before leaving Puerto Natales. He instructed us to head back to the bus station, which we did (cycling mainly on pavements, as we could not work out the one way system) only to be told that we needed to buy tickets at another office near the lake (back where we came from). Anyway a couple of hours later we were off (3pm late start for a 60km ride).

Once on the rode, we quickly realised that we were overdressed, the sun was shining (18 degrees) hottest day for us yet. We stopped shortly into our ride, as there were lots of locals across from the airport waiting with their cameras. We thought the view of the landing must be pretty cool if so many people stop and watch. We weren’t disappointed.


No wind, sunshine and raring to burn some blubber (after endulging ourselves for 12 days in Antarctica) we cycled hard. Some inclines and lots of exceptional views along the way. We stopped for a snack 3hrs in, next to a hut and views of another lake. We set off again and arrived in Cerro Castillo at 7pm. Not bad going really, 60ķm for a 4hr ride. We asked in the local pub/cafe for a free camping ground and they directed us to the town bus stop and told us we could camp there.

We were in shock with all the free facilities. We had a room with three leather couches, tv, toilet, kettle, showers, table and fire place.  Incredible!